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Why Obesity Surgery?

After this surgery, there is a chance to end many diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, knee joint pain, shortness of breath, sleep apnea, insulin resistance, fatty liver, which existed before the operation. After the surgery, many drugs related to high blood pressure and diabetes are discontinued. Patients who lose weight quickly lead a much healthier and more comfortable life. With this surgery, the life expectancy of the patients is prolonged.

Apart from the many reasons mentioned above, there are also many social factors such as tying shoes by someone else, not being able to step on one’s feet, not being able to find clothes in stores, the feeling of people looking at them, and attracting attention in the environments they enter.

Obesity Surgery

M.D. Çağlar Ertekin

After completing his General Surgery Specialization training from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery, Op.Dr Çağlar Ertekin worked as a General Surgery Physician at Bursa Cekirge State Hospital between 2017-2020 at Bursa City Hospital.

He took part in the 2018 Zeytindalı Operation as a General Surgery Physician in the Turkish Armed Forces with the assignment of the Ministry of Health. In his general surgery practice, he developed his expertise in Obesity, Cancer and Hernia surgery with laparoscopic (closed) surgery method.

He is currently working in İzmir his private clinic. He performed more than 4300 successful surgeries in 4 years.

M.D. Çağlar Ertekin is married and has two beautiful children.

Areas of Expertise

Obesity Surgery

Hernia Surgery

Gall Bladder

Reflux Disease